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How to Add Extra Space to Your House

There’s no reason to move out of your home to enjoy more space. Small homes can be more homely for their owners, and the thought of moving from one house to another can be unsettling, costly and stressful. You simply need to make a few changes to transform your property. If you want to add more freedom and square footage, …

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The True Cost Of Upsizing And Is It Worth It?

The aim for most, after getting on the property ladder, is to upsize our homes with each move. This could be for a growing family or a growing teddy bear collection, like the Smith’s, who after retirement chose to move from three to four bedrooms to accommodate their 600 cuddly toys.   But, did they really need to move to …

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TJ Hughes Wooden Children’s Beds

My hubby will roll his eyes when he reads this post. I’m always moaning about the size of our very beautiful little house. When we first moved in we shared the big bedroom with P2. Which worked well until P2s sleep decreased to an unbearable state. It was clear we were waking her up by coming to bed, moving about …

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