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The Dummy-Sucking-Sock-Munching-Lid-Wearing Monster

Somewhere, hiding away in a dark corner of my tiny little house lurks The Dummy-Sucking-Sock-Munching-Lid-Wearing Monster. As a Mum of three I’ve had plenty of experience. There’s three things I’ve found about parenting that are unavoidable. I blame the The Dummy-Sucking-Sock-Munching-Lid-Wearing Monster. It has to be! Right let’s tackle the dummy situation first. The amount of money we must have …

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Sock Ons Review

I’ve lost count of the amount of socks I’ve lost during P1s life. So many times I’ve looked at her to find one foot absolutely freezing and the other nice and snug, that missing sock never to be found again. There’s definitely a sock monster lurking. One day when out shopping my mum found a new little invention called Sock Ons. At first …

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