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She’s Going To Summer School

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Yup, you read it right, I’m sending my eldest to summer school. A month or so ago we received a letter from P1s school offering her a place for the summer school. I think this is only offered to a select amount of children who require extra help with school work. P1 is struggling which the school are on top …

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Letter to my Princess 3 – 7 Months

To my Princess 3, 7 months means that we are now in the lead up to your 1st birthday and that’s just crazy. The newborn days are behind us now which makes me super emotional. You are our very last baby and seeing these months quickly zooming past and you growing so quickly is sad but in a happy way. …

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“I take him for granted”

I’ve been feeling very grateful lately. For having the husband I do. I take him for granted really, everything he’s done and keeps doing for us. P1 isn’t biologically his child, but right from the beginning he’s taken her under his wing and very quickly she called him “Dad” out of her own choice. Hubby didn’t have to do this, …

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To My Princesses – Letter 6

To my Princesses, I’m sorry I’m a little late in writing this. Wednesday, when you both celebrated your weekly milestones, we were very busy and by the time I got to bed it was just too late. This week has been great, we’ve had busy days and quiet days. P1 you have been in a normal routine with nursery and …

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Morning Joys

Two weeks ago, P2 was just a little baby that flapped her arms and legs about and didn’t do much else. Now, I spend my day talking to her a lot more and pulling faces just so I can see that beautiful smile of hers just one more time. A week ago, she’d only smile in the mornings. Now, she …

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