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Back To School With Start-Rite Pussycat Bow School Shoes Review

Every single morning we have a battle with P1 about putting her school shoes on. I believe it’s partly the autism side of her that is to blame and we do manage to get her to wear her shoes eventually. Start-rite Shoes gave us the chance to review a pair of their school shoes which had changeable charms. I was really …

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Turtle Mats Country Living Duck Review

We have one of those doors that opens straight into our living room. It is certainly not an ideal situation when you have three children in the household crawling around near the door, near the germs from our shoes and visitors shoes that come. We did have a tiny door mat which was doing part of its job but it …

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Shoes for a Hyper Mobile Child with Pisamonas

Nothing in the world can prepare you for parenthood. No manual, no blog or person can ever truly describe what it is like to be a parent. They do give you a slight idea and a slight guidance. When P1 arrived into this world I didn’t expect her to be so ill. I certainly didn’t expect her to arrive seven …

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