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Scissor Addiction

The title of this makes it sound like a really bad post but it’s not! Whilst at my Grandad’s P1 has been learning how to cut things out with scissors. I can’t believe how grown up she is getting.     She’s always asking to use the scissors now, part of me gets all nervous about her chopping her fingers …

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School Disappointment

3:30am – P2 is having a feed. It’s been a restless night so far. Check my emails to see we have already received P1s primary school offer. Nearly burst into tears as she’s not been offered where we applied! We viewed three schools in the area, you are meant to put three schools of choice down. We hated two out …

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Slow Up Speed Down

In April we find out whether P1 has got into the school we chose. For a lot of parents they’ll be wondering which school their children got into. You are meant to put three choices but we hated the other schools in our catchment area so only put one down. We’ll have to appeal if she doesn’t get in! Anyway, …

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