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Our Weekday Morning Routine

My weekdays are busy. There’s always something I need to be doing with one or all three of my girls. I’m lucky that more often than not my Hubby does the actual running kids to school or nursery but I’m the one who prepares. He just gets himself up, washed and dressed. Here’s what a typical school/nursery run morning looks …

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SmarTrike Dream 4-in-1 Pink Review

As you may have guessed by now. We love receiving products. It’s become a really enjoyable part of my blogging experience and I still feel so lucky each time I get a product arrive at my door for the girls. (Want me to review something for you?) Our latest scrumptious product that arrived at our door was the SmarTrike Dream …

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Monday Sad Face

Feeling the Monday blues terribly this morning. I’m back to doing the nursery school run for P1. She’s due there for 9:30 and it’s currently 8:45 and I’m not even out the bath yet! Yup, I’m blogging from the bathtub. Luckily, the nursery is only 5minutes away. I’m really missing my OH too, and that routine of him going to …

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