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Fun On The Beach At Bluewater

Last week we got the opportunity to head to our local ish shopping centre for a special preview launch. Bluewater have welcomed a fun new attraction for the summer holidays called The Beach.  I was so incredibly excited about our trip. We were the very first to walk through the gates and after a not-so-pleasant portaloo experience, we began our fun …

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Going To Thorpe Park For The First Time

Each month we are lucky enough to get one weekend child free. When this first started back up again after a short break when my mum had her kidney transplant, we used our weekends to pretty much slob around and do nothing but binge on Netflix. Believe it or not, that can get quite boring after a while and so …

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“Her eye looked freaky, swollen and just not right”

I’ve never had to panic with anything that relates to P2. With P1 it was a totally different story. Literally about 5/10 minutes ago I panicked. Whilst drinking her bottle of milk, rubbing her eyes because she was sleepy the scariest thing happened. P2 managed to rub/poke her eyelashes inside her eyelid, so instead of inside out it was outside …

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