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Managing the Family Finances: How to Succeed

A recent study from Shelter has shown that one in three families are only a month’s pay away from losing their homes. It’s a worrying result, and is enough to make all of us question whether or not our family’s finances are in good order right now. Here’s some advice for improving your family’s chance of success: Understand your income …

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Teaching My Daughter About Money With thinkmoney

We were recently challenged by thinkmoney to decorate a piggy bank but to also think about what financial advice we want our girls to carry with them until they’re older. I was certainly never good with money and spent my very early “grown up” life in debt and borrowing money from my Grandad constantly. Meeting my hubby changed things, he …

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Saving for Life’s Big Moments: Where to Make Savings

There are a few prominent milestones in each of our lives that tend to cost a lot. Finding ways in which to make savings for these events can be a real struggle. Preparing for your future is something that we all need to do. There are ways in which you can make savings in your everyday life, which can go …

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