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Date Night

My OH and I managed to grab some couple time for the first time since the day before I gave birth to P2! 10 weeks is a long time for us, we used to get couple time at least once a week, usually twice. I missed being with him. So I took the opportunity to put on some nice clothes on, …

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Money Can’t Buy Love

I was devastated when my fingers puffed up so that I couldn’t wear my engagement ring or my 18th birthday ring for my Grandparents during my pregnancy. Last Tuesday, I was sat in the doctors having our 6 week check up. Twiddling with my birthday ring when I suddenly realised my engagement wasn’t on my other hand! I panicked to …

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My Beautiful OH

I was really quite nervous about how my OH would be with P2. I’d had such a rough time with P1s biological father. My OH is an amazing Dad to P1 but it still made me nervous about how he’d be with sleepless nights and dirty bottoms. Leading up to the birth we probably spent a lot of time wanting …

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