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First School Report

My school reports were always rather pleading for my family. I’d always have a comment in there about me being too chatty but generally my learning and progress was satisfying. During P1s four years at nursery, her reports were always such a pleasure to read and really reflected her bubbly personality. On Friday she came home with her first school …

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“P1s first school Sports Day”

Today was P1s first school Sports Day. As soon as I received the email notifying of the date/location/time that parents could come along, I experienced butterflies for her. If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know about P1s hypermobility and the way it mainly makes a difference to her physical abilities. Hubby and I had agreed that we wouldn’t be …

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“P1 had some of her hair cut off at school today!”

I’ve thought about many ways to start this post but I just can’t find the words for it. P1 had some of her hair cut off at school today! I’m beyond devastated and confused. It’s only a little bit in comparison to what it could have ended up like. Children are cruel. Do I blame the little girl who did …

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