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Raisin & Walnut Chocolate Bark – Leftover Easter Eggs

I have had several boxes of Easter eggs sitting in our kitchen staring at me. Screaming to be eaten. For some reason, they just haven’t which I know sounds completely ludicrous. But it’s go to the point that I am crying to have my work surfaces back so instead of the usual chocolate nests, I decided to try my hand at …

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Raisin & Fudge Cupcakes With Flora

I am not a natural in the kitchen. When it comes to cooking up a delicious meal for our family, it will nearly always go completely wrong. Something I have found that I’m quite good at is baking. Since becoming a stay at home mum I have done a lot of baking but I do prefer to do it alone …

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Delicious Fruity Oat Snack Bar Recipe

Last night P2 helped me to cook our first lot of freshly made snacks. As I watched all the sugar, golden syrup and butter melt I did feel slightly nervous and wondered how this was healthy. I did a little research and apparently flapjacks (and obviously fruity oat bars) are packed full of slow releasing energy which is perfect for …

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