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Why I Admire My Eldest Daughter

I’m taking part in the April Ultimate Blogging Challenge and today’s prompt was to write about who I admire and why. I had planned to write about my Grandad because my admiration for him is fantastic. But I’ve decided to write about my eldest daughter. I’m still debating whether or not that’s a bit strange. P1 is just over 6 …

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World Prematurity Day 2013 – My Story

It’s World Prematurity Day – 17th November 2013. 15,000,000 babies were born prematurely this year, 60,000 of those were here in the UK. Thousands of families and friends lives torn apart. Being pregnant at the age of 15 I never imagined that anything would go wrong. Naive. Stupid. Young. I gave birth to P1 at the age of 16. That …

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