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She’s So Good At Puzzles

As a child I used to love doing puzzles. Don’t judge me for blowing my own trumpet, but I was pretty good! Strangely enough two of my three daughters have followed in my footsteps with not only a love for puzzles but a skill for them too. My eldest has lost a little bit of interest as she’s grown older …

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Orchard Toys What A Performance! Review

I am finding a real love for collecting board games and puzzles since I became an Orchard Toys Ambassador this year. I had always thought it was something my girls wouldn’t enjoy very much due to poor attention span but actually they love playing games together. We was recently send the What A Performance! board game to review. What A Performance! …

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Orchard Toys Once Upon A Time Puzzle Review

I have loved Orchard Toys long before I was a parent myself. Becoming an ambassador for them this year has sort of been a bit of a life goal I suppose. I feel quite passionate about them and I know this is beginning to sound like I may need therapy. But it’s all true and thankfully my girls are sharing …

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