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Birthday Shopping With My Grandad & Mum

For Christmas last year my Grandad promised me a shopping trip. It was his way of giving me a present. I ended up going child free and meeting my Grandad and Auntie at the shopping centre. We did lots of shopping and then had lunch on my Grandad’s wallet which obviously is always fantastic. I never know what to ask …

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“It sounds silly because shopping is such an ordinary thing”

Growing up I always spent time with my Grandparents. Just them and me. My Nan and my Grandad. We went to Scotland for holidays to visit my Grandad’s sister, we went to Somerset to visit Grandad’s friend on a farm he owned. I spent pretty much every afternoon after school with them. But now I rarely get quality time with …

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40 Acts – Day 14 – Check The Label

Take a look at the labels on your clothes. Think a little about how your clothes were made; the countries they came from and the people who made them. Take a look at www.ethicalconsumer.org and do a little research about the organisations who make your clothes. To what extent do they ensure good working conditions for their garment workers? Next …

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