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Potty Training For The Last Time With Huggies & Munchkin

We talk about cherishing every developmental first all the time as parents. That first smile, when they sat unaided for the first time, tasted their first bit of food and the day they took their first steps. But for me I think the biggest part and probably the most scary is definitely the potty training phase.  As a first time …

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Managing Bedwetting With DryNites

I didn’t expect potty training to go as smoothly as it currently has or as young as P2 is. At just over two years old she is dry during the day, in knickers and has even squatted in the cold outdoors a few times on car journeys. I am so incredibly proud of her. At night time though she is …

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A Potty Training Update for P2

We are about to hit 10 weeks mark so I thought it best I update you all on our progress so far. P2 is young for potty training in my opinion, but when she insisted back in January I couldn’t just ignore it. She didn’t grasp the concept very well. In fact there were many days when I spent the whole …

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