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Potty Training with Huggies – Review

The responsibilities that come with creating your own human is crazy. Right from the word go. We grow them, not just in the womb but beyond. As a parent we are responsible for how they speak, whether they speak one or two languages. We are responsible for teaching them to smile, to stick out their tongues, to play, to sit …

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Baby Toilets

We are about 3 weeks in on our food weaning journey. I originally wanted to do baby led with the odd bit of purée. But things haven’t quite gone that way. Well, I suppose that it has been baby led in a way. P2 doesn’t seem to be able to pick food up and get it into her mouth. I …

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Green Pomelo – Minky Baby Pink Cloth Nappy Review

So there’s a positive line on the pregnancy test. You’re having a baby! Now it’s time to start getting excited and buying lots of bits for your new arrival. I bet the majority of you naturally thought about all the nappies you’d have to stock up on. The first ever disposable nappy was invented in 1948. A baby will use …

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