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Young Mum? You Are Not Alone! #CMYANA

Channel Mum recently shared that 9 out of 10 Mums feel lonely and it started their You Are Not Alone (or YANA or use the hashtag #CMYANA) campaign. It has really hit the media and it has also got me thinking about my own experiences of being a mum and feeling lonely. I think I most felt the loneliness eight …

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“Playgroup was absolutely heaving with new people today”

It’s been an odd day that seemed to start really early even though it actually didn’t. Hubby was up two hours before he usually is, the time I normally get up with P3, to pick his Auntie up from the airport with my MiL. I was left to watch four kiddies, get them dressed and give breakfast. Everybody was safely …

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“We’ve just had a four day weekend”

I am the type of person that is quite content with lazying around the house. After a while it does start to feel like you’re in jail, sharing your cell with screeching children, which is why I now make the effort to attend two play groups a week with P2 and P3. I met a lovely lady well over a …

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