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Special Needs Diary #14 – Autism Assessment & Orthopaedic Shoes

It already feels like that snowy, winter wonderland we had last week was such a long time ago doesn’t it?! I keep looking at my photos wishing I’d taken more. It was just such a beautiful week. However, for us it also was a pretty awful week for P1. Change effects her hugely as you will know if you’ve followed …

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Banana Legs

I’m really missing the ease of uploading from my phone. Since I’ve become self hosted my WordPress App hasn’t been allowing me to post photos, so I’ve lost enthusiasm for the app and am only posting when I get a chance to steal my Mum’s laptop or load up my OHs computer. So I apologise for the lack of posts, …

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Expect The Unexpected

I bet we are all guilty of checking health issues online. If you type in your symptoms of a cold if would probably tell you that you could be dying of something completely unrelated. I’ve mentioned before that P1 attends physiotherapy for her lower limbs. She’s been loosely diagnosed with hypermobility – I say loosely because nobody from the physiotherapy …

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