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Welcoming Two New Boys To Our Family

On Monday the 10th of April my Mum’s Guinea-Pig gave birth to three little babies. My Mum is clearly losing her veterinary nurse experience as she was sure there would be just one baby. My girls had actually been staying with their grandparents that weekend and were excited that Hermione (mummy guinea) was literally ready to pop. But alas, she …

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How to Pest Proof Your Home

Unwanted pests such as bugs, creepy crawlies and rodents occasionally invite themselves into our homes, wreaking havoc and leaving us feeling like our home isn’t quite as clean and secure as we’d like it to be. But, many of us struggle to know how to deal with a pest problem, particularly if traditional measures don’t sit well with your values …

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What Pet Is Right For You & Your Kids?

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Right, you want to get an animal to add to your ever-growing family, but now you have kids, you have to consider them alongside your lifestyle. So, which one is right for you?   Ultimately, choosing the pet that is right for you and you family, will come down to many factors, individual to you. These might include where you …

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“Along trotted this small, scruffy looking dog. In a preschool”

P2 has been on the waiting list for a preschool since January. I’ve soon come to realise that they are extremely sort after in this area and it’s clear that she probably won’t get a place until she’s nearer 3 years old. We decided to add her to a couple of the waiting lists. Not because we’re impatient but purely …

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Children And Pets

There’s so many articles and opinions on children and pets. I was brought up with a variety of animals – my mother was a veterinary nurse for over 15years, all of my childhood memories involve animals in some way of another. So my opinion is that it’s a good idea to introduce children to pets and animals at a young …

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My mum used to foster cats. With over 15 years experience with animals from working as a veterinary nurse the fostering charity liked to use mum for all the “odd” cases or the kittens. I remember at one time we had two litters that totalled to about 14 kittens plus mum. Our house was a cat haven! Mum being Mum …

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