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“Today has been a productively strange day”

Today has been a productively strange day. With P1 away on a double night sleepover with her Great-Grandad, P2 woke up at 6:50am. She snuggled in bed with us for about ten minutes before I took her downstairs for breakfast and some cBeebies. It was a slow morning really, hubby joined us downstairs and we just mooched. Hubby then went …

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Filofax Original Purple Patent A5 Organiser Review

Anyone that follows me on Instagram will realise that I have become slightly addicted to my new Original Purple Patent A5 Filofax.I guess I should apologise here that not only has it invaded my Instagram and Twitter it’s also about to invade my blog and my life. Sorry!There’s something so different about Filofax. They seem to be able to create …

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“This move has been very exhausting”

When my OH and I had first decided to move out with each other, back in June 2012, we didn’t know we were actually pregnant with P2. Despite what a lot of people probably thought as the week before we actually moved we found out we were expecting. Anyway, I was pregnant when we moved out and when we packed …

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