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Special Needs Diary #13 – A Long Needed Update On Our Autism Journey

It’s been nearly a whole year since I last updated or spoke properly about P1’s special needs. It has been such an exhausting year but I think that we are heading in the right direction finally. I learn new things about P1 each day yet it’s hard to actually pin point the differences when people ask us. How do you …

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Our New Cleaning Routine & Win Some Dettol Products

This month has seen some big changes in our house. I have actually managed to keep on top of the housework. It also coincided with the school holidays so it hasn’t been an easy task to keep on top of things and it did fall to pieces one week (the week P1 was away with her Grandparents) but we swiftly …

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OCD – It’s A Real Thing!

I think I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to my bed covers. In fact I know I do. I have absolutely no idea what started it, where it comes from, all I know is that if I see mattress, covers aren’t straight or the duvet is making its way out of the cover I get a horrible tightening …

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