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My Weight Loss Journey With BodyChef – Update 2

It’s been a while since I updated you last on my weight loss journey. Life sort of got in the way, I took a few breaks in the BodyChef diet plan due to press trips and keeping up with these got a bit confusing. In this update I wanted to share exactly what a diet delivery plan looks like each …

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Arla Big Milk Review

Milk seems to be the bane of my life at the moment. I seem to spend so much time making formula milk for P3 and receiving demand after demand for “a big one milk bottle” from P2. Then there’s P1 who really should be having more for her bone strength and growth. P2 is addicted to cows milk in a …

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Delicious Fruity Oat Snack Bar Recipe

Last night P2 helped me to cook our first lot of freshly made snacks. As I watched all the sugar, golden syrup and butter melt I did feel slightly nervous and wondered how this was healthy. I did a little research and apparently flapjacks (and obviously fruity oat bars) are packed full of slow releasing energy which is perfect for …

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