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Reflecting On The End Of Nursery For My Middle Baby

After experiencing being a working Mum with P1, I was fortunate enough to be able to make the decision to be a stay at home Mum with P2. I was going to be the one to watch her do all of those first things and be the one who had taught her. At some point during her first two years …

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A Family Day Out At Godstone Farm

There is exactly one week between my Grandad and my Mum’s birthdays. This was the same for my Nan and me. It’s always hard to plan birthday celebrations when you have kids to entertain at the same time. This year with the weather warm and bright, we decided to head to Godstone Farm. We’ve not been to Godstone Farm before, …

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The Puppet Company Review

It definitely feels like technology is taking over my world. The word “iPad” is literally grating on me as all three of my girls are obsessed. I have recently felt like the girls are engrossed by technology world, watching endless episodes of Peppa Pig and spending hours playing Minecraft. I have been searching for new ways to prize those devices …

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