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My Sunday Photo 2018 – I Had A Piece Of The Beach Inside My Ear

Have you ever taken a shell home from the beach? My girls love to sneak more and more into their pockets in the hope that I won’t catch them. Spending time on the beach is always such an adventure for children. I remember during one of our many trips to the beach when on holiday on the Isle Of Wight …

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The Death Of My Nan 3rd September 2013

Hi Nan, I briefly saw you this morning, I say this morning but now it’s actually yesterday, we joked about how it was half past nine in the morning and you were still in bed. I told you how P1 had got on going into school. Then I left. I didn’t kiss you goodbye like I have been recently as …

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“Not only was P1 sent home from school we also ended up in A&E”

It never occurred to me that I’d get a phone call to collect P1 from her first day at school. But it was just our luck. The morning went swimmingly. I woke P1 up, gave her the porridge I’d cooked for her, got her dressed, teeth and hair done. She was excited about wearing her princess backpack and we went …

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