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Brand New Project Mc2 On Netflix!

We have only recently delved our eyes into the world of Project Mc2. P1 was really happy to receive another package from them to celebrate the release of a special new episode on Netflix from 14 February. We were given some popcorn and one of the new Project Mc2 Dolls With Experiments to try.  The six main characters in the …

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Do You Really Need A TV License?

I think the simple answer to this question depends on your watching habits. For us, we have absolutely no reason to have a TV license. I remember a time when just by owning a TV meant you were legally required to purchase a TV license. But those days are long gone. The rules are, if you watch live tv or …

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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #11/52

This week has been an odd one. It’s been taken up by a lot of walking and it feels like that has consumed us. Not having a car is a super pain and I owe a lot to several mums at P1s school who have bent over backwards to help us. I am so eternally grateful for their kindness. Today …

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