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5 Important Things To Remember For Your Big Day

The weeks of taking lessons, practicing what you’ve been taught, learning your Highway Code and preparing for the driving theory test is about to hopefully pay off. The next step is to pass your practical driving test to enjoy the freedom and independence driving affords you.  Being prepared both physically and mentally is the key to giving yourself the best …

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To My Princess 2 – 11 Months

To Princess 2, I cannot believe that you are 11 months old today. The time is just flying by so fast now. This past month you’ve really started to show a pretty cheeky personality. You know exactly what you want and you get it. Still no walking, but you crawl super quick and even follow us when we call your …

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Co-Sleeping To CotBed

We put P2s cotbed up the day we moved back to my parents house. This was partly because we thought we would be having a premature baby but mainly because it was easier to get all furniture we needed put up before “stuff” took over the bedroom. The cot was there acting as a dumping ground for three months before …

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