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Going To The Library

It feels like such a long time ago since reading a story at bedtime felt like a chore. I never used to see the importance of books despite my own love for reading and writing. But I also experienced mum guilt surrounding the topic of bedtime story time and eventually I made it part of our routine. I don’t feel …

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Gymboree Sevenoaks 15 Months On

It has been fifteen months since I first went to Gymboree and wrote our review of the venue here. I thought it was about time that I updated everybody on that part of our lives now that P2 and P3 are both much older. Right at the beginning of our Gymboree journey P2 was just over two years old and P3 was …

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Musical Fun With Moo Music Sevenoaks

I thought I hated Autumn. I thought I hated the wind, rain and chilly weather. Actually this Autumn, for the first time ever I am embracing it and think that it is actually such a beautiful season. The colours are just so magical to watch beneath your feet and watching the leaves float from the trees is so soothing. But …

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