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I’ll Swap For The Longer Straw

So who the heck handed me the short straw this year? I’ll do absolutely anything to swap it. My two pregnancy experiences couldn’t of been more different. P1 – easy pregnancy, no sickness, 7weeks early but natural birth, 19hours of labour, no wounds down below, she had troubles breathing, weighed 4lb 13oz, bleeding ended within 4 weeks, milk dried up …

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Those Post Birth Luxuries – Review 5

As everybody knows – the uterus has to contract and return to its normal size. This includes flushing away all the bits and bobs that was there to protect your beautiful baby. This is by far the most unpleasant part of after birth!!!! Here comes Mothercare to the rescue! With their Mothercare Maternity Towels – 48packI remember with P1 that …

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