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My Sunday Photo 2016 – #23/52

We have been super busy this half term that part of me was really excited about this weekend. P1 and P2 are back in Essex and usually having just the one is a nice break for us. This weekend P3 has been a little grumpy, she was good during the food shop yesterday but the being cooped up the rest …

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40 Acts – Day 7 – Visit Your Local

Look for ways to support the local community beyond your church walls. Take time to visit your local pub with family or a group from your church. Who is there? What does it tell you about your community? Is this a threshold you should be crossing over more often? For more ideas, visit the pubchurch website and read about the …

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40 Acts – Day 5 – Read The Local News

It’s simple. Pick up the newspaper from the doormat. Make yourself a mug of tea. Slowly read the paper. Each time it mentions a person or a street, lift them up before God and ask for his blessing. Don’t miss out on the adverts, especially if they are about local businesses. Then look for the names of the editor and …

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