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What I Read My Kids In A Week

A bit of a different post from me today. I wanted to share with you what we read in a week. When P1 was much younger I didn’t like reading at bedtime. Bedtime was always quite horrific in this house so reading became a treat thing, rather than a joyous and bonding experience. I have always loved books so I …

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Going To The Library

It feels like such a long time ago since reading a story at bedtime felt like a chore. I never used to see the importance of books despite my own love for reading and writing. But I also experienced mum guilt surrounding the topic of bedtime story time and eventually I made it part of our routine. I don’t feel …

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Lion Hudson Children’s Books – Missing Jack by Rebecca Elliott

I’ve always been a book lover. These days books are heading towards becoming only digital editions, but for me there’s nothing better than physically holding a book in your hands. Having three daughters makes it super difficult to find time to sit and read, so my extent to reading is online blogs and magazines. However, my girls are following in …

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