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“I’m definitely feeling a lot calmer about Christmas”

I’m definitely feeling a lot calmer about Christmas. Yesterday, I traipsed my friend and P2 around Lakeside Shopping Centre to do my Christmas shopping. It was such a lovely day and really great to spend some time with someone outside the family. I hadn’t seen A since our wedding day so it was a good time to catch up. We …

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Absent Mother

I was apart from P2 for the longest time today. I’d decided I deserved a break… I didn’t exactly need one, I just fancied one. She was without me for 4hours!!! It was slightly stressful to start with. My OH was very nervous and reluctant to leave her with my parents. But I persuaded him and we went off the …

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It’s Alive

After refreshing the Apple website several hundred times last night – an appointment came up for the Geniusbar. It was about 6:15 and the appointment was for 7:20. In a mad rush which is hard with a breastfed baby my OH drove us up to the nearest Apple store. We spent 20minutes hanging about, then another 20minutes waiting to be …

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