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A Potty Training Update for P2

We are about to hit 10 weeks mark so I thought it best I update you all on our progress so far. P2 is young for potty training in my opinion, but when she insisted back in January I couldn’t just ignore it. She didn’t grasp the concept very well. In fact there were many days when I spent the whole …

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Potty Training with Huggies – Review

The responsibilities that come with creating your own human is crazy. Right from the word go. We grow them, not just in the womb but beyond. As a parent we are responsible for how they speak, whether they speak one or two languages. We are responsible for teaching them to smile, to stick out their tongues, to play, to sit …

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Lorna Drew Catherine Midnight Nursing Bra & Briefs Review

I should probably apologise to you all for the influx of underwear shots on my blog lately but I’ve been really lucky and able to review some fantastic nursing underwear ready for P3s arrival. I’m so fussy when it comes to underwear, nursing or otherwise, so I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to find out what I like and dislike …

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