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Living With Joint Hypermobility

Joint Hypermobility – Joint hypermobility means some or all of a person’s joints have an unusually large range of movement. As a family we live with hypermobility every day. P1 lives with it every day and she cannot escape from it. It all officially began in 2010 when P1 took her first steps. She was an early, premature baby which …

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Milestones – What’s normal?

I’ve previously mentioned about P1s joints and lower limbs. I thought I’d go into a little more detail about it. We all get excited about our children’s milestones. P1 was slower than average on reaching her milestones: Sat up at 10months. Crawled at 12months. First steps at 16months. However, she was saying her first words and speaking in sentences by …

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