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“When will Great-Nanny come back from heaven?”

I’ve had a touch of writers block today. Behind the scenes there’s a lot going on and a lot I need to post but my inspiration for words hasn’t been there… Until dinner time came and a certain little madam decided to spark a conversation like no other. Since the death of my Nan I’ve lost a lot of faith …

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I Made It – Finally

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve been to church. Well, 18 weeks and before that it would about a year! I’m a dreadful Christian. It’s not like I don’t believe, I do, I pray every night with P1 and on my own. It’s purely because on a Sunday we are usually so busy visiting my MiL or spending time as …

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God Looks After Nightmares

I’m feeling very guilty this morning. I was moaning about my brothers alarm vibrating on the floor above our bedroom waking us up to my mum through the bathroom door when P1 suddenly starting crying. I rushed into her room. She was clearly very very upset. She’d had a bad dream and the way she described it I’m not surprised …

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