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Maybe A Cure

I realised that, despite the fact I feel like ripping my own skin off, I have a lot to be thankful for. So many people have troubles with starting their own family and here I am moaning and groaning about my pregnancy and the symptoms that come gracefully along with it. So many women would kill to experience this. So …

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Well This Is New

You read about it everywhere but nothing quite prepares you for it. I certainly didn’t expect it to be like that! My mucus plug dislodged today. Exciting. Ok – I know potentially this means I could still have weeks left. But it’s progress right? That things are happening the right way. It was gross. Completely and utterly gross. I didn’t …

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Serious Words Body

Right body. I need serious words with you. I do not need preparing for a newborn… I’ve been there done that. I do however need to sleep! For a couple of hours at a time would be nice!? I don’t want to be getting up every 15minutes to use the toilet. I don’t want to be sweating buckets and feeling …

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