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Can Colours Effect Your Mood?

I am no interior blogger but I do know that colours can make you or break you. I hate dull and dark colours for my own reasons and there’s something that just uplifts your mood when it comes to bright bold ones. The psychology of colour is truly fascinating, as this infographic explains. Brought to you by Rawlins Paints I …

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Using Colour To Create The Perfect Country Themed Home

If you want to create the ideal country themed home then you should take a good look at nature, be aware of the different seasons and, most important of all, bear in mind that many berries and flowers come in gloriously flamboyant colours as well as more subdued hues. One room at a time In the bedroom, for example, if …

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The True Cost Of Upsizing And Is It Worth It?

The aim for most, after getting on the property ladder, is to upsize our homes with each move. This could be for a growing family or a growing teddy bear collection, like the Smith’s, who after retirement chose to move from three to four bedrooms to accommodate their 600 cuddly toys.   But, did they really need to move to …

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