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How Does Money Impact Our Relationship?

Does money buy happiness? Can it impact our relationships? I honestly think it does, for both those questions. I was really interested to read the results of a survey done by Shepherds Friendly about How Does Money Impact Our Relationships. My husband and I have always had quite an open situation when it comes to the money in our lives …

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My Dream Horse With Petplan Equine

As a child I was desperate to have my own horse. I’d research ways I could keep one in my parent’s back garden, yes I’m being serious. I was lucky enough to have riding lessons from the stables next to my Grandad’s allotment and I loved it. But like most things as a child, my phase soon turned to ice …

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What new parents should know about life insurance

Life insurance helps provide peace of mind to new parents because it can ensure that a child is financially secure should anything happen that results in the death of one or both parents. Here are a few things that new parents should know when considering what type of life insurance to purchase. You are never too young for life insurance …

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