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Special Needs Diary #14 – Autism Assessment & Orthopaedic Shoes

It already feels like that snowy, winter wonderland we had last week was such a long time ago doesn’t it?! I keep looking at my photos wishing I’d taken more. It was just such a beautiful week. However, for us it also was a pretty awful week for P1. Change effects her hugely as you will know if you’ve followed …

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A Dramatic Day

This morning started off pretty normal. It’s a Thursday so the plan was to get ready for playgroup. P2 and P3 at home for the day and P1 heading off to school with hubby. That’s our Thursday routine. But for some reason despite the sun shining beautifully, this Thursday didn’t want to be our usual Thursday day. I got ready …

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“this is not any form of yoga. This is simply child abuse”

Sorry for the late night post but something’s ticked me off just a tad. During our nightly routine after we put P2 in her cot and snuggle down, my OH usually watches YouTube and I scroll through Facebook, Twitter and other blog posts. Only today I’m unusually reading a magazine when my OH nudges me to watch something. Here it …

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