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Our First Child Free Weekend At Home

For a while now P1 and P2 have enjoyed a one night sleepover with my Mum over in Essex. It’s usually the first weekend of the month and it gave us a little bit of a break. It was never a full break because we had P3 and there’s only been a handful of times (if that) when we’ve managed …

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“There’s now no need to wrap our toddler in bubble wrap”

When P3 was born P2 went from a tiny toddler snuggled in my arms to this huge giant of a child. Since turning two she’s changed so much that it’s really scaring me. She’s no longer a baby in any sense and has become such a grown up and independent little sausage. The things she says are just immensely amusing. …

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“I absolutely hate going to soft play with my girls”

It occurred to me today that I absolutely hate going to soft play with my girls. I’ve always thought of soft play as being a place that you can sort of relax and know that your children won’t hurt themselves too much thanks to the soft play equipment. When P2 was born, I went to our local soft play once …

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