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Sunday Specials

P1 seems to have lost all social skills today. The amount of times she’s been on the naughty step! We’ve had a day at the MiLs. It’s always nice going there because there’s so many toys for P1 to play with that she can’t physically get bored. Plus it’s been quite decent weather so she’s spent a lot of her …

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In Laws

In laws – I bet you just took a gulp. Say those words to me 4 years ago and I would of been joining you with the gulping and eye rolling. However, since meeting my OH the eye rolling and gulping are a thing of the past. I feel so lucky to have been welcomed so warmly into my OHs …

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Like A Bee – Busy

Today has been very busy! Well compared to my usual; stay at home in my pjs. P1 had her first swimming lesson of 2013. She’s been attending lessons for about two years but she hasn’t made much progress in the swimming side of things. P1 has lax joints in her lower limbs (hips down) – meaning she tires easily and …

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