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Our Last Update With DryNites

We have come to an end of our DryNites journey. For the past few months we have had the help of the DryNites team and they have given us so many useful tools to help conquer P2s bed wetting phase. I got to go on a sleep retreat. I learned new techniques. We’ve had the opportunity to put DryNites Pyjama …

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Essex Floods Family Rescued From Sinking Vehicle 24 / 25th August 2013

We woke up today and everything is sunny. As if yesterday’s floods never happened. We were lucky really, although our drains blocked and we could only use our upstairs toilet, some people weren’t so lucky. I’ve heard stories about people’s downstairs being completely ruined. The aftermath is crazy. All we can hear is sirens, emergency services going to help everyone …

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“It’s so lucky you are having another girl. Means you can reuse all of P1s things” – eeeeerrrrrmmm unfortunately not. Back when I had P1 and my relationship broke down with her dad I needed all the extra income I could scrape together. It wasn’t that I was stuck for money as I was working by then. It was more …

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