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Where’s The Logic In That?

I changed midwife half way through this pregnancy back to who I had when pregnant with P1. She was great! And recently they’ve moved where they hold their appointments. It’s less than convenient! Who’s great idea was it to make pregnant women walk down a huge hill to the back of a school?! A man’s idea probably (no offence to …

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Breast Is Best – Or Just Embarassing

I’ve chosen to breastfeed P2!! Believe it or not it wasn’t an easy decision for me. I had chosen to bottle feed P1 – but when she arrived early I knew I had to express my milk to give her the best start. Without a doubt breastfeeding has better health benefits than bottle feeding both for mum and baby. But …

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When Facebook Never Ceases To Surprise

Touchy subject. Upsetting. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Do I really need to go on? Any parent – well any person – would agree with me that there is absolutely no excuse for child abuse. I was a victim of child abuse at just 10 days old by my real dad. This caused my family huge heart ache and long battles with social services. …

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