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The Results – JOHNSON’S 3 Steps To Better Sleep

Two weeks ago we embarked on a journey that was hopefully going to change our lives for the better. JOHNSON‘s had asked us to take 3 steps at bedtime; bath, massage and quiet time using their Bedtime bath products. We were asked to do this routine every night to improve P3s sleep. I was very anxious when starting this new …

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Breaking Her Milk Habit Before Her 3rd Birthday

At around 6 months of age a baby has the ability to sleep a full night of sleep. P1 was 10 months when she began to sleep an amazing 12 hour stretch. P2 is yet to reach that milestone and P3 exactly the same. They both have habits that need breaking.  A preschooler needs 11 hours of sleep plus a …

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Cigarettes And Children

“Why is the moon in the sky mummy?” “What is a volcano?” “What’s the London Eye?” “Where does God live?” They are just a few of the questions my 4 year old has asked recently. All I can give a pretty honest answer and explanation about. But then, the other week whilst in the car P1 asked “What’s that?” “What’s …

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