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To My Princesses – Letter 6

To my Princesses, I’m sorry I’m a little late in writing this. Wednesday, when you both celebrated your weekly milestones, we were very busy and by the time I got to bed it was just too late. This week has been great, we’ve had busy days and quiet days. P1 you have been in a normal routine with nursery and …

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To My Princesses – Letter 4

To my Princesses, This week we have been rather busy. We had a few chilled days at the start with Daddy as his work kept sending him home due to power failure. Saturday particularly was a relaxed day, Nanny, Grandad and Uncle B had gone to Brighton Marathon for the weekend so we all spent the day in bed/in our …

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I Never Imagined

Blogging has become a huge part of my life. Before I started Life With Pink Princesses I had a blog over at blogspot, over there I only posted a couple of times a week. But here, I clearly post more, this is because I love the feedback I get and the ease of connecting with other bloggers. I had my …

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