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To My Princesses – Letter 3

To my Princesses, This week feels like it has been really busy but in reality, looking back I don’t think it has been that busy. I have made a schedule for our home, a cleaning schedule so that has pretty much taken over my days now which is great really. I’m finally getting into a routine so we can all …

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For my OHs anniversary present I booked for him to go indoor skydiving at Airkix in Milton Keynes. So at 5:30am I was in the bath getting ready for our two hour journey. P1 is spending the day with her Nanny and Grandad. There’s so much preparation needed for a trip with a newborn. So last night I was packing …

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Too Short

Well, reluctantly, we are home. Home to a messy bedroom that I’ve been meaning to tidy for weeks. Home to a normal house. Home to a house where the bathroom floors are cold. Home to traffic noise and houses wherever you look. Home to cooking and cleaning for yourself. Home to living on top of everyone. Ok so it pretty …

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