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“We are now 13 days since we last breastfed”

The morning after I had wrote about P3s slow weight gain I woke up at about 2am and sterilised some bottles. She’d been restless and squirming and my boobies for a while and it was upsetting me. The whole situation was upsetting. I felt completely useless. I received many helpful advice from the health professionals and from fellow blogging friends, but I …

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Feeling Calmer

I cannot believe how grown up P1 is. She’s always been very mature for her age but recently she’s been outstanding especially with her little sister! In the past few days she’s been so helpful. Actually asking to change P2s bottom, get her dressed and give her a bottle. This evening she wanted to feed her sister her dinner, and …

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Cluster Feed

I experienced a “cluster feed” last night. P2 fed for about two hours with little breaks. She then followed on with a rubbish night sleep. I received a leaflet from the hospital advising that as long as strict guidelines were followed, it’s absolutely fine to co sleep with a breastfed baby. I don’t think so… I need my sleep… Proper …

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