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The Mum’s Guide to Father’s Day

Over the last 50 years, there’s been a real shift in how things work in the home. Previously, women (mostly) stayed in the house and men went out to work – but, as we know, that pattern is changing dramatically. Nowadays, both partners are responsible for childcare, chores and errands. More than 200,000 British fathers are stay-at-home-dads, and a great …

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SmarTrike Dream 4-in-1 Pink Review

As you may have guessed by now. We love receiving products. It’s become a really enjoyable part of my blogging experience and I still feel so lucky each time I get a product arrive at my door for the girls. (Want me to review something for you?) Our latest scrumptious product that arrived at our door was the SmarTrike Dream …

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Guilt Ridden

I keep looking at P2 and realising how lucky I truly am. She’s perfect in every way, she’s healthy, she’s growing, she’s developing and she’s feeding. I frequently feel guilty about the luck that has been showered over us. So many women struggle, they struggle to conceive, they struggle to grow a baby, they struggle to feed, they struggle to …

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