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Storing Made Simple – Review 8

Lansinoh is a brand made for breastfeeding mums. Currently I’ve used three of their products. But I’m going to talk about their Storage Bags for expressed milk. Whilst P1 was in Special Care I expressed milk. Our fridge and freezer was packed full of bottles of my milk – so was the hospitals! We had little room for anything else. …

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I Did It

I’ve been nervous about expressing for a while – trying to decide when the right time would be to do it. I found the courage to express last night. It was prompted by a conversation with my OH a few days ago. We were discussing anniversary presents. I’ve sorted his present but it’s been quite tricky for my OH as …

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To Express Or Not To Express

First off – yesterday was a good day, P2 has calmed down with her feeding. Going longer in between and then feeding for longer. No cluster feed in the evening!!!!!! However, the previous days have put my boobs into overdrive and quite clearly confused them. They are huge, hard and pouring milk out just before and during feeds. I’ve been …

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