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Brand New Project Mc2 On Netflix!

We have only recently delved our eyes into the world of Project Mc2. P1 was really happy to receive another package from them to celebrate the release of a special new episode on Netflix from 14 February. We were given some popcorn and one of the new Project Mc2 Dolls With Experiments to try.  The six main characters in the …

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“It’s 1996. I’m starring as Mary”

It’s 1996. I’m starring as Mary along side my class mate who is Joseph for the afternoon. I’m wearing a long blue dress that I keep tripping on. Joseph has dropped baby Jesus and the audience of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are laughing. I’m nervous and shy as I look out to see my Grandad with his bulky camcorder …

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“first ever school parents evening”

After school every single day I am faced with this scenario: Me: did you have a good day at school? P1: yes. Me: great. What did you do? What did you have for dinner? P1: I don’t know. I can’t remember. I can nearly guarantee that you all know of or have experienced this scenario. (If you haven’t I’d like …

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