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My Orange Rhino Challenge

I’ve found myself shouting less. Thinking about what I’m doing. Ok, I still have my moments. But on an overall, I’m loads better at controlling my anger towards P1. And what’s better is although she has her moments, her behaviour is gradually getting better. So, I’m stopping the challenge. I figured you probably don’t want to read “no shouting” everyday …

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Challenge Day#8

I think we may be starting to see a difference in P1 since I’ve stopped, no.. reduced my shouting. Today, well today was amazing!! She got dressed without a fight, even her shoes, she went to nursery happy and when I picked her up she was fantastic too!! So much so that I treated her to the circus (a post …

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Challenge Day#3

10:30AM – Have to raise my voice to level 3, P1 has wet herself for the third day in a row and I’m not pleased! She isn’t a baby anymore and has been toilet trained for over a year now. 12:00PM – P1 starts to walk away from the car and into the car park, luckily no cars but I …

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